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The Black Council

Fifty Years ago during the Shade Campaign many lives were lost battling a evil grouped who called themselves the Black Council. During this time Sir Charles Ankeney and a small group of fighters fought through all the barriers the council had built up and finally had them cornered. As the final battle had begun, Faid the leader of the black council and Sir Ankeney were fighting furiously and what has been told of the battle they both just disappeared in a cloud of black smoke and neither of them wore heard from or of again.

Now at the present many of the heroes of that battle are still honored and have villages named after them. Sir Ankeney even has his own located near a large forest of redwoods. Every year on anniversary of the great battle a firework show is performed to show the gratefulness and thankfulness of the people that those heroes saved.

Our story begins with three young individuals destined to great honor or to fall before the evil that slowly grows in the land.

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